4 Must-Have Features of Every Website

Friendly Content

Show your visitors how you can solve their problems or answer their questions.


You have 3 seconds to make an impression, or your visitors are has-beens!

Ease of Use

Don't make your users guess how to find what they need. Clean navigation is key.

Clean Design

Too many bells and whistles will chase people away. Keep it simple!

Kind Words from Our Amazing Web Hosting Customers

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"It's Great to Have a Hosting Company that is Available"

So far so good...As a business owner, its great to have a hosting company that is available to help whenever I need it. I haven't experienced any downtime and I received help on what to do to be PCI compliant. I am new to Earth Girl but in just a few conversations, I like the service I've received. So thank you from Elite Financial Consultants, LLC- Richmond, VA.

Tea Hines

Elite Financial Consultants

"The Best Hosting Service in the Marketplace"

I have been using Earth Girl Hosting since early spring and could not be happier with their hosting services. I find the company to be very responsive and easy to work with. They are proactive, have fair and flexible pricing and really look out for the best interests of their clients. In today's world of online anonymity, I find this company's approach to business quite refreshing.

Teri Jackson

Marblehead, MA

"Professional and Reliable"

Earth Girl Hosting has been professional and extremely helpful with everything I have needed for my websites from the very start! Thank you, Amber!

Brian Glose


"Great Hosting Company"

I have been a customer for a few years now. Whenever I have an issue they are here for you. They are very helpful and prompt.

Donald Senft

"Excellent Hosting Service"

Excellent customer service and secure and reliable hosting.

Donald Senft


"Thanks for All Your Help"

Amber, Thanks for your help and support with the few issues I've had this year - not with you all - but with outside connections. My Earth Girl services have been great. Many thanks!

Wilderness Sports Outfitters


"The Best Hosting Company I've Worked With"

Earth Girl Hosting is fantastic. They have the best customer service that I have ever seen in web hosts. Their customer portal is straight-forward and easy to use and their help documentation is very useful. They are super-responsive when you need something and their prices are reasonable. I've dealt with several web hosts in the last 20 years and EarthGirl is definitely one of the best!. The big hosting providers could learn some things from Amber and team at EarthGirl.

J Biglin


"Never Had an Issue"

I’ve been using Earth Girl’s services since August 2016 without a single issue!

Stay Ready Store

"Purpose-Designed Hosting"

Earth Girl Hosting started as a hosting platform for Pure E-Commerce businesses. I suppose that is still most of their business. It serves its designed purpose very well. I have a Pure E-Commerce business. Life has gotten in the way of making that business a success, but Earth Girl hasn't. I am still looking forward to operating a successful business and Earth Girl is the right host for the purpose.

Michael Norton

Springdale, AR

"Satisfied Client"

I have been a client of Earth Girl Hosting for nearly 4 years. I have found their service, reliability and value outstanding! I would definitely recommend EG to anyone who needs hosting services.

Linda Hale


"Easy Set-Up and Excellent Continued Support"

Earth Girl has been providing our site PrimaBambolina.com excellent professional services and customer care for 3 years. They are quick to react to any questions and have proven to be very efficient.


Prima Bambolina

"Great Service Provider"

My site has been hosted by EarthGirl since July 2015. There have been absolutely no concerns. You will find them professional, efficient, and quick to respond. My site will remain hosted with EarthGirl.

Karen Johnston

Cranbrook, BC, Canada

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